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Dec 19, 2020
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I recently (and randomly) came across the domain swimming.ca on the first page of google while searching for something unrelated.

Their official name is Swimming Canada and they're the national governing body for competitive swimming in Canada, similar to Hockey Canada:

Swimming Canada is the Canadian national governing body for competitive swimming in the country.

Swimming Canada oversees the management of all swim programs throughout the nation and provides the foundation for beginner-level athletes to train towards the elite level, with the chance to attend world championships and the Olympic Games. The national headquarters is located in Ottawa, Ontario, with staff dispersed throughout Canada.[1]

I wondered if they also owned swim.ca and learned it was restricted (see image below) because of swim.bc.ca: whois.com/whois/swim.bc.ca.


So swim.ca doesn't resolve since it’s restricted, rendering it useless, and swim.bc.ca now redirects to swimbc.ca.

Swim BC doesn't seem to own that many more domains (if any) but Swimming Canada has (at least) the following redirecting to their site:
  • panpacs2022.com
  • torontohighperformancecentre.ca
  • equipenatation.ca
  • natation.ca
  • vancouverswimcentre.ca
  • montrealswimcentre.ca
  • canadianswimmingcongress.com
  • sport-securitaire.com
  • cannage.ca
  • safe-sport.ca
  • safesports.ca
  • 25forlife.ca
  • getswimming.ca
  • centrenatationmontreal.ca
  • essaisnatation.ca
  • calgaryswimmingacademy.ca
  • sport-securitaire.ca
  • summersplash.ca
  • swimcanweb.tv
  • swimofficials.ca
  • cdnswimteam.ca
  • victoriaacademyswimming.ca
  • thebigsplash.ca
  • safe-sport.com
  • swimrankings.ca
  • swimmingteam.ca
  • jmevoisnager.ca
  • sportsecuritaire.ca
  • nage.ca
  • legrandsplash.ca

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting set of facts and found it particularly interesting how swimmer.ca was just in the last TBR drop and was the 6th pick: https://dn.ca/topic/tbr-drop-aug-31-2022.1864/post-17250

I'm a bit surprised with how many swimming domains are currently registered, which makes the domain swimmer.ca that much more attractive/valuable (imo).

To whomever bought swimmer.ca this week, congrats. It's even a better domain than it appears on the surface.
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ps: I forgot how this domain was likely going to auction at MyID today. Was still in the process of drinking my first coffee.

I apologize if my post resulted in the final price getting jacked up, but I guess it was still fair (and perhaps even advantageous) to anyone who read this post in advance.

Here's a couple of swimming jokes to brighten your day in case your pissed at me for making this topic this morning:

What did the ocean say to the beach?
Nothing. It just waved.

Why can elephants swim whenever they want?
They always have their trunks!

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