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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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[notify]Nafti[/notify] owns swipe.ca so for fun I decided to see who owns swipe.com

Now to the untrained eye this looks like a full business website and the owner is making full use of this fantastic domain name. However, I think the owner knows full well he has a fantastic domain name and I bet he is waiting for someone to buy it.

Why do I suspect this?

Because when you click on the Online Shop it goes to:

This looks like a fully developed site and I bet he wants to keep it running when the swipe.com domain sells.
So basically he has a great domain and a sucky one and he is using the great domain until it sells but because his online presence is under a completely different url he will have minimal impact on his business when swipe.com sells.
Great catch on that one [notify]MapleDots[/notify]. I have been on their website a few times .I didn’t realize that their online store isn’t their main swipe.com URL. Their retail store isn’t too far from us in Toronto.

When swipe.io purchased their name for $68K USD, makes you wonder if they even inquired about the .com.

Interestingly enough, neither one of these 2 was the end user who inquired about my .ca recently.

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