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Dec 19, 2020
SX.ca sold for 4K USD at Sedo at some point during the last two weeks.

The domain appears to have been transferred to the new owner on Feb 24th, 2020, according to whois.

Not a great sale for the charts but the domain was certainly bought by a domain investor considering the domain is already listed for sale again at Epik.


Pretty good buy *THUMBSUP*
This one has been listed for sale for a long time on Sedo. I never did fancy the letters on this one but still a good deal for the new buyer.
Yeah I know the seller, it had been offered to me in the past but it was a tough one for me, I’ve never been big into LL’s as you’d need a lot of them to play the odds of getting a big sale some day. And with it being so close to s-e-x, I really wasn’t sure how best to make use of it.
rlm said:
And with it being so close to s-e-x, I really wasn’t sure how best to make use of it.

SX definitely made me think of sex, and you can even argue SX can be "pronounced" as sex, but wouldn't that just add to the number of possible endusers, and therefore potential value?

I've never been into x-rated domains but I would think we'd all love to own sex.ca, especially given the story behind sex.com. I'm not saying we'd all be willing to pay for sex.ca (no pun intended), but I assume we'd all love to own it.

The domain (SX) certainly isn't limited to porn either, but the porn industry is huge (in Quebec at least), and there's always been big money in porn. I know around 10 people who work(ed) for porn companies in Quebec, mostly in the IT, web, or marketing departments for MindGeek which owns PornHub (ps: they've been very hot water recently, due to a very damning NY Times story, but that's another story, which has essentially blown over already). I don't know any of the actresses/actors, unfortunately ... ;) ... but these companies are huge and employ a ton of people in Quebec/Canada. Many of their employees have always worked from home, so I assume they employ people across Canada too.

There are also many Canadians companies with SX in their names already, and I think the X at the end is nice as it could stand for any word that begins with "ex", like "exploration", "exchange", etc. (stock exchange.CA, for example).

All that said, looks like the previous owner had it since year 2000 so he/she might have gotten a little tired of holding and figured they would finally cash in.

Does anyone remember if this domain had a BIN or make-offer setting at Sedo? I think someone out there is hunting for killer deals on LLs, and probably working the buyers down in price if maker-offer is set, and that this is the same person who bought YM.ca the other day. Both YM and SX recently sold for 4K USD and under, and both are now using Epik sale landers.
Esdiel said:
Does anyone remember if this domain had a BIN or make-offer setting at Sedo?

It’s been listed with a 4K BIN for a very long time.
It might take another 20 years to sell the name.

Domains are not the only investments out there.
.SX is also the ccTLD for Sint-Maarten.

WikiPedia said:
.sx is the country code top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet for Sint Maarten. Sint Maarten became an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands on October 10, 2010. On December 15, 2010, the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency allocated SX as the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for Sint Maarten.

The registry is operated by CIRA.


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