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Bob Hawkes

Jan 3, 2021
Victoria, BC
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TaxFix sale at Sedo just listed on NameBio

In the NameBio new post just up, TaxFix.ca sold for $4000 (USD I presume?) at Sedo.
Was the seller someone from here? If so, congratulations!

Edit: Price added to title
Good sale!
Nice, and good to see something for the New Year, as December was wretched in terms of posted sales.
Thank you for reporting Bob

In this forum I am trying to have the titles convey the selling price so users can skim through the sales.

So I did edit your title, hope you do not mind.
Perspective may have potentially come into play [notify]Spex[/notify]
If you value it having a purpose for the name or if you are valuing it from an investor pov
yep, pretty good sale price for that domain. 'TaxFix' is taken in many extensions, likely the .com/.de owners that purchased it I'd guess.

1. This domain was the 28th pick of the TBR drop held on Feb 28th, 2019, which I discovered by googling "taxfix + DomainRecap": https://www.domainrecap.com/2019/picks/ca-to-be-released-tbr-results-leftovers-february-28/

2. The previous owner had it registered since at least July 2013 (as per archive.org):

3. The TM application for it was only filed ~18 months after the domain was picked up via TBR.

As such, it may have been more than a reasonable price given this last fact and the funding [notify]Spex[/notify] brought to our attention.

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