The biggest domain sale ever might happen very soon. (1 Viewing)

125 million???

Here is the conversation....

Lets create some buzz and you say you bought it for 125 million.

Some poor sucker will buy it later thinking it has intrinsic value and then we will share in the spoils.


Somehow I think there are some backyard shenanigans going on here.

Like someone would have said no at the 5 million mark or something?
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Funny, I don't see 125 million anywhere

Like I said.... funny reporting by Rick
Yeah, Rick has been a blowhard / used car salesman type from day 1. I don't always share his opinions, but sometimes I do too. I respect him one day and the next I'm just shaking my head. But I have to respect him simply because he's been very successful and at least stands firm for what he believes in - pitching .com till the day he dies, and knowing him, he'll find a way to do it from the afterlife too, lol.

So this property thing may just be hype or simply that its his new asking price - not a sale price. He announces deals where you have to wonder what the full truth is. Absolutely nothing would surprise me when it comes to Rick, so regardless of how outlandish is sounds, there could be some bit of truth in there somewhere. Time will tell.

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