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The next call is at 4pm Eastern today, hope to see you there.
I might have tried to join if there were more notice given. Anything interesting come up?
There's usually no set topic, but always something interesting discuss. Subscribe to his list, and you'll be notified ahead of time :)
Sorry for the late notice, @rlm , but Arif has set up another one for today :)
Thanks, but I'm out of town right now anyways. maybe another time.

I know where you are, you lucky dog!!

It's on my bucket list, but I hope to be there in the next few years.
It's on again today.
Here's the recording of yesterday's Twitter call - and don't forget the zoom call today at 4pm EDT.
There is another Domain Social today starting at 4 pm Eastern. Hope to see you there.
Check your email, another Domain Social today.
Happening again today, Friday Jan 26th at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 9pm UTC | 9pm UK | 1am Dubai | 2:30am India | 4am China | 7am AEDT

3 hours unrecorded

Probable topics include (but certainly not limited to):
  • Review of The ICA 2024 Meetup.
  • Domain Security and GD / Afternic automated emails.
  • Portfolio management and domain investment theories.
There's another one today at 4pm Eastern, check your emails.
Another call today, hope to see some of you there.

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