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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

So.... after many years of trying to find a viable alternative to the mighty .com a smart entrepreneur from Canada has finally come to the best possible solution.

Sure, by now you have all heard of .co as the second coming to .com but we all know this is much too confusing for the average end user.

So what is the natural solution???

Are you ready for the big reveal?


Yes you saw it here first, the .conn extension is the closest to .com ever.

What are the greatest advantages to a .conn extension?

1. You can easily manipulate the font to have it look just like a .com
2. You can use it for all your online scams
3. Banks and financial institutions will tremble at the power the extension owner has. They will pay thousands to lock in their brand before its used for evil purposes.

Yes fellow members, get in now before all the good variations are gone.

Simply make your certified cheque payable to MapleDots in the amount of $1000 USD to reserve a prominent domain today.

This is a one time offer which will not be repeated so hurry and lock in your domain today!!!!
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The new .com is coming! Finally!! Thanks for the heads up!
Sign me up!
I’m in! lol

I’m sure if someone was drinking and looked at the .com and .conn, it would look the same.

Reminds me of the old PayPal scam. Someone years ago registered but when you capitalize the “i” it looks more like PayPal.

Saw this graphic and somehow it just applies *ROFL*

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