The sale you regret most (1 Viewing)

Nov 21, 2020
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Everyone is happy to talk up their sales BUT what about the sales you regret making? Have any? What is your biggest REGRET with respect to a domain name you have sold

I will go first

I wish I had not sold ELEVEN DOT CA
Ari dot ca for me. I sold it just over 8 years ago. I definitely wish I had that one back.
Well I don't regret selling it, because at the time it was by far my biggest sale and still a lot of money, which I then used to buy other domains. But today, I would've demanded a lot more... It was TheSource

There is something cool though about seeing your former domain in TV commercials all the time.
Hey this thread is for names that you DO regret selling. Get some sleep! Which threads are you moderating? May have to keep an eye on you!

Regrets and the source ah. NO!

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