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Nov 7, 2020
Vernon, BC
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Lol, got this message yesterday:

I want to buy the domain. If you're going to ask a crazy price, forget about it. I dont
need to buy this domain, it's one of several different options I am looking at. Thanks

Its the kind of inquiry my gut instinct says, don't even respond...

The domain is a 4 letter word, and after a couple of minutes of research, I see the dude filed a crap load of trademark variations on "XXXX {word}" (where XXXX is the domain).

So I decided to respond with a "not really looking to sell" although I should have said "choose one of your other options".

He comes back with a "OFFER: $750 CAD"

Woah big spender, don't flash all that cash or you'll get mugged! Lol.

Any case, just thought it was a good example of how _not_ to start in domain negotiation... I know from my perspective, if you put me on the defensive right away, then I'll be polite to your face but be a real dick when it comes to negotiating!

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