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Nov 4, 2020
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I was dropping my son off at school this morning and they were building a new Tim Hortons.

Along the side of the building was a huge maple leaf with the word Tims.

I did a little digging and it appears Tim Hortons is starting to add this to all buildings.

Here is the old and the new...

Screenshot (99).png

Screenshot (100).png

Tims.ca owned by the same owner as Pixel.ca is gonna skyrocket in value.

Anyone own similar?

I own Timy.ca and Timi.ca is pointed at godaddy

Screenshot - 2022-12-20T091100.688.png
Whatever is happening at the bottom of the maple leaf looks like a rectal prolapse.


Whatever is happening at the bottom of the maple leaf looks like a rectal prolapse.

I'm a tiny little bit of an expert on the maple and the reason Tim Hortons did that is because you cannot trademark the Maple Leaf in Canada. The Maple is considered open and anyone can use it in business or commerce.

That said a rendering can be trademarked/copyright if it is clearly different from the standard open maple.

So in this case Tim Hortons super imposed the word Tims and changed the bottom of the maple leaf making it possible to copyright the logo.

Had it been a standard maple with the word Tims they would have left themselves open to possible court cases if they went after trademark or copyright infringement.

So you cannot copyright the maple but if I draw one I can copyright it and claim it as my own. Therefore if I draw the Tims maple leaf I CANNOT copyright it because it is unique (I assume) and just like a misspell in a name a variation on open images can be claimed for copyright if they have enough of a difference to the standard open maple image.

Please note how many times I referenced the term Open Maple, it's almost like someone might have the advantage with that term. ;)
Of course, the evil Brazilian investment firm that owns Tim Horton's has wanted to "lose the last name" for a long time and I guess they're finally doing it. I would bet real money that if I rolled down there and asked 100 employees who Tim Horton was, the majority wouldn't have the faintest clue.

I find it absolutely hilarious that Tim Hortons wraps itself in a big red Maple Leaf, when the company is about as Canadian as Vladimir Putin. Maybe less. :ROFLMAO:

These days, virtually every company is trying to forget or dodge their past - just look at the banks, all acronyms or short-forms - when is the last time you heard "Toronto Dominion Bank" (or gasp, TD Canada Trust), "Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce", "Royal Bank of Canada" or even "Bank of Montreal". At least ScotiaBank still gives a nod to their past as "The Bank of Nova Scotia", but this "Canada has no past" trend is a common thread in Canada right now, and is especially popular with Canadian Business.


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