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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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So today was a big day for

As most of you know we used a free service called to host our images on the old dn website.

Even though that was a fabulous service there were times it went down and it left us with images that did not load.
The longest downtime I can recall was 3 days and then there was the time they switched domains and that was a mess, I had to redo hundreds of images by hand.

Today I converted all those image and I am proud to announce is completely self sufficient, I have purchased enough server space to safetly host all our image right from the very first post. The conversion process is now done and I am happy with the results.

If you come across any image not loading please report here.

That said has been a phenomenal service and we were lucky to have them.

Try them out if you need to host an image.

Screenshot (46).png
Wow…nice Frank(y)
The amount of work that you put into this forum is mind blowing to be honest…. Especially since you’re a married man with 2 kids and run full time businesses, yet you still find time. Maybe sleep is not an option?

Either way, I’m sure it’s much appreciated by all so THANK YOU again Frank.

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