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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Ricks account is private so here are the contents...

Today's actual Negotiation...

"Interested in a domain but I don't even see it on your website. Travelrelated .com I'm a recent college grad and can't really afford much but thought I would try my chances. Thanks,Jared

"Me: You’d have to have a great and profitable idea. And I would have to have a significant piece of the action for us to discuss it.

"you must be the greatest of all-time for sucking the life out of young entrepreneurs enjoy retirement

"Me: Go f*** yourself!Your college degree is worthless. Entitled POS!!

So you give someone a lifeline of something that might be life-changing for them and they show their mentality or lack of it. NFG!!DON'T even try to do business with anyone that is a "recent college grad". This is how they are wired.Their degrees are not only worthess, it is now the #1 tipoff of those not to hire or do business with. Anyone graduating in the past 10 years or MORE must be vetted in ways we have not even thought of yet. The worst thing a young man or woman can say today is "I am a recent grad". Matter of FACT, they have a better chance of getting a job by saying they recently dropped out!Stupid fools, that are dumb, indoctrinated, lazy and entitled. The lost generation!
Not everyone is playing the odds, Rick.
With his portfolio, Rick must get accosted by brainless Domain Hobos like this a thousand times a day, so it probably wears on him.

I wouldn't have the patience to deal with these nitwits harassing me 24/7.
If I dropped out, bought bitcoin in 2011, held it for a decade and sold at the peak, am I automatically qualified to say "college is worthless" because I got rich without a degree?

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