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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

I hope the members know that most of the reviews for hosting companies are bogus and often paid advertisements by the hosting companies themselves. So basically the author of the article buys a bunch of domains and sets up blogs and then reviews the hosting companies that pay him the best returns.

Hosting companies have figured this out as well and are also eliminating paying the middle author by setting up their own blogs and rating their company first.

The article from hostsorter above is a joke because it rates Bluehost as the #3 best host for Canada even though they do not deal with .ca domains.

Also notice the Bluehost banner at the top.

Web host reviews are a joke and you almost have to base it on personal experience.
I use Canspace hosting and can say I have nothing but good to say about them.
I register elsewhere so I can’t comment on their domain pricing/management.
Was with Hostgator for many years but decided I wanted a Canadian host so went with them 4 years ago and they have been excellent *THUMBSUP*
Canspace has the cheapest domain prices at $10.00 register and same for renewal.
Take away one time sale pricing and canspace has the cheapest renewal rates, although WHC has said they will match that for bulk domainers.

I found the hosting at canspace to be slow, I experienced many slow page loads and after a number of years I went elsewhere seeking faster servers.
I use for hosting and can honestly say that I'm a fan. Just not very impressed by the registrar side of things

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