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Nov 4, 2020
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A while ago I saw for sale on namepoos

Her contact info is here:

I think she is wanting about 5k for the domain.

I contacted here and said if she ever wants to move it fast she can email me but I was not prepared to spend that much.

The domain has great potential and if anyone has a use for it you may want to contact fiona.

PS. I am speculating on the price because she mentioned the godaddy appraisal on namepoos.
PS. I know there is an interesting history for her with that domain, research it if you like.
It’s interesting to see that I don’t believe she is a domain investor. Looks like she is/was an end user and no longer has a use for the domain.
It looks like it is in use now and not for sale?

I think its a great domain and a steal for $5k especially for an end user.

family and trauma services is a huge umbrella and with high value/cost of services and more.

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