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Nov 4, 2020
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Trucksuite LLC ("Trucksuite") had been operating in its home jurisdiction (U.S.A.) for a period of time, and had been using the trademark TRUCKSUITE in its home jurisdiction. Trucksuite had not done business in Canada, but nevertheless had plans to expand into Canada. Trucksuite had not registered the TRUCKSUITE trademark in Canada either. In anticipation of its expansion into Canada, Trucksuite engaged a Canadian company, Paul Donofrio et al. ("Donofrio"), with the intention that Donofrio would eventually become Trucksuite's Canadian business arm or form a substantial part of Trucksuite's Canadian business operations.

I will never understand why a company allows a third party to register a version of their name on their behalf.
You know something always goes wrong and the other party squats on the name until you pay up.

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Whoever headed the legal time for TruckSuite should probably face discipline, since as noted in the brief, the case had a 0% chance of even being heard, let alone of going to a decision. It's absolutely bizarre this non-case would make it to a CDRP hearing itself.

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