owner sues for reverse domain name hijacking (1 Viewing)

In January, the judge overseeing the case asked JFXD TRX to explain a couple of things.

First, he asked how, under Ninth Circuit precedent, a domain registered in 1999 before it got trademark rights violates the ACPA.

Second, he asked for clarification on the relationship between Fitness Anywhere and JFXD TRX.

The relationship between the parties is interesting. The plaintiff’s lawyer, Alain Villeneuve, has represented both Fitness Anywhere and JFXD TRX. But there’s confusion about which entity owned the trademarks and at what time.
Judge gives owner a win in court battle - Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News
I'm waiting for the esteemed Alain Villeneuve to file suit for the refund of all monies paid to the UDRP panelists in return for the original verdict. :LOL: :ROFLMAO:
Let that be a lesson to anyone thinking they can seize legitimate property

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