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Nov 6, 2020

As Meta stock tumbles with Metaverse losses mounting, should domainer’s rethink their domain holdings​

Meta stock tumbles, losing billions on the metaverse

I've been watching the meta insanity and realized right away that thousands of domainers were going to lose their shirts.
Are ya still glad you registered hundreds of meta domains?
After watching stupid sale after stupid sale, I think I finally jumped on the bandwagon and reg'd maybe 10... The reality is, a concept like that is going to take a decade+ to even begin to mature, Meta seems to have been pretty foolish to go all in on it like they did.
I've said that for years, all the trends die with tens of thousands of domains in the hands of domainers that don't go anywhere.

When I started in the business I picked my own trends and .ca and and .ca

I did well with them because I picked them without hundreds of domainers doing the same.

Today I don't jump on the bandwagon anymore, nor do I buy any more of my previous trends. I pick every domain based upon research or if it speaks to me. I can afford to sit on my domains but usually I let a few go cheaper to assure my renewals are paid. Same goes for the tax man, you cannot claim expenses every year without eventually showing a profit or it will attract undesired attention.

Blaze your own path, read what other successful domainers are doing and forget about the TREND of the DAY, very few people manage to make money on them. Only a few are ever successful and all you have to do is look at all the VR domains that have dropped over the years. I used to laugh at that and I still have the only one I ever bought I hang on to it to remind me that following the trend of the day is almost always a loss.
The few I did buy were more like domains to cash in on the meta trend, like selling picks and pans to gold miners, like and such.
I think the meta trend will be back in time, so good or better 'meta keyword' domains are probably worth holding. After the 2017 crypto crash, was probably the same for crypto and coin domains.
I don't have any Meta domains, but do have small handful of NFT domains that I'm willing to wait for the industry to mature.

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