Tucows' domains business stagnates again in Q2 (1 Viewing)


Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
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Tucows’ domain name business has experienced its third consecutive quarter of stagnating growth.

The company yesterday reported third-quarter total domains revenue of $61 million, compared to $62.3 million a year ago and $61.5 million in the second quarter.

Dave Woroch, CEO of Tucows Domains, described this 2% annual decline as “consistency” on a prerecorded address to analysts.

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Tucows is the carrier for Google domains and I keep a number of domains there that I use for my different businesses and also the ones I don't want godaddy to know about.

DN.ca is registered at Google Domains which in turn manages our email servers, while our main servers are sitting separately on cloud service that expands as we need it.

So we are well secured and I'm surprised by the tucows downturn because Google Domains is growing at a rapid pace.

That said the retail division of Tucows is called hover.com and they used to have all my domains when they were called DomainDirect, but after the rebrand to hover they basically eliminated all advanced features and stripped it down to almost nothing. I kept hundreds of domains at hover but eventually moved them out due to lack of features.

The commercial division of Tucows is called OpenSRS and that service is excellent if you want to resell domain hosting or email service. I dabbled with them a number of years back but find it a highly competitive space to be in.

I think we will keep hearing this type of news until Tucows inovates or gets eaten up by Godaddy.

Next on the eating list for godaddy is probably Efty and Bodis... in my opinion.

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