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Screenshot - 2023-05-08T153701.469.png

Twitter is gaining traction, someone wants it badly, to bid more than my 7k

There are 3 active bidders on it, myself included.
appears to be 3 different people having all bid at least $6K+
Yup, I had a hunch it would hit 10k

My 10k bid is no longer the winning bid

Screenshot (39).png

I think I will bow out now because my plans were to forward to so anything above 10k is not a good spend for me on that.

Happy birthday BareMetal, that is a Hell of a sale ! (y)
I noticed something funny at BareMetal Auction

At 8k I was high bidder and my proxy was set to 10k.

Now that it's at 12k it makes no mention of my 10k bid, just the 10k bid that eventually surpassed mine.

Not that I care about seeing my handle, it's just confusing for me that I actually cannot see my proxy bids in the lead at any time when I look at the entire results.
From here on out goes up in 2k increments and the bidding dropdown tops out at 20k

Could be Tom might have to change that in the future :eek:

That said, at 2k increments it might get quieter now
I thought Tom was going to change the bid increments to make them smaller at the higher dollar amounts, but I guess that's still on the to-do list.
I’m starting to not mind the 2K increments. At the end of the day you’re either bidding more or you’re not. Squeezing an extra 1K or $500 isn’t that big of a deal. There’s a higher chance someone will just bid an extra 2K if they really want the domain.
At this price point I disagree, and losing those $500-$1,000 extra bids will add up over the long run.

I really don't see any way this benefits a business like BM and if anything it benefits domain buyers who can scare away competitors with massive $2K bid increments, then potentially save that $500-$1,000.
1k is the max one should be forced to increase a bid

15k is a barrier, when the bids sit at 14k I would have to bid 16k instead of 15k

Not something I'm inclined to do.
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@bmetal can copy what Dropcatch did for bid increments

Yep, and I think that's what Tom intends to do at BM, but it doesn't look like it's been updated yet, which is unfortunate timing for the auction.
@bmetal can copy what Dropcatch did for bid increments

Yes, as has been pointed out, I meant to make the change but hadn't gotten to it. I was planning on $1k increments, but now that I think about it, Smaller increments would actually fix some of the "2nd highest price" issues (bid leapfrogging). Still, I don't want to change it mid auction. Thanks for the reminder. - Tom
Great, that’s exactly my point. It benefits the person winning the domain.

Does not benefit BareMetal though because if the auction stops at the 12k where it is now I would have gone 13k.

Same if it was 14k, I might have gone to 15k but definitely not 16k

So Tom takes a 1k loss instead of a 1k gain

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