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I have to say, it takes something special not only to acquire Twitter for $44 billion, but then to also go ahead and kill $4-20 billion in brand value. That's how much Twitter brand is worth, according to a couple of different brand valuation consulting firms.

X better pay off.
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How about this?

X Will Strip Brands of Verified Checkmarks if They Don’t Spend on Ads​

X Will Strip Brands of Verified Checkmarks if They Don’t Spend on Ads (Report)

"Brands that haven’t spent at least $1,000 on X ads in the past 30 days or $6,000 in the past 180 days will lose their golden verification checkmarks starting Aug. 7, according to a report. These checkmarks establish that an account legitimately belongs to the brand it claims to represent.

Without a gold checkmark, brands run the risk of impersonators mimicking their accounts. It’s unclear if X has protections in place to ensure that, should a real brand forfeit its checkmark, impersonators cannot make a fake brand account then spend the requisite amount of money on ads to claim a gold checkmark, effectively gaining more “legitimacy” than the real brand page."

Wow! So $1000 a month to keep your brand “safe”. If it wasn’t so serious and stupid at the same time you‘d think it was a joke.
Elon is trying to transform X-Twitter from a Liberal non-profit into a true money-making entity, but he's doing it far too quickly and in a very ham-fisted manner.

He might as well stand at the top of the X-Twitter HQ and scream "Give me all your $%&#@ money!"
another handle taken. Pattern emerges.
"My account was changed without permission," reads an English-language translation of the post that the Japanese user published on X on Wednesday. "It seems that Elon Musk robbed me."

This creates a very bad precedent. If they want a username, they are just going to take it.

In the future I would not be surprised if premium usernames are just snatched to resell or give to another party.

You don't own Twitter handles, they can ban or change your account at any time.

Will be a plus for domains.

Musk could do a huge favour to the new platform by allowing a DOT in the user handle.

This way if .com/MapleDots is taken the user handle could be

It's one of the big things I'm hoping for and would be excellent when launching a new site.

As far as arguments go, X would consider the owner of the domain as the legitimate handle user should it be disputed.
Yeah, I just saw that Elon has started to steal a lot of other valuable Twitter handles and is kinda acting like he wants to burn down the house.

Lots of people are leaving X and it's not a joke anymore than Elon may literally kill the entire brand.
There are a lot of things the owners of social media companies CAN do, but if they act like Russian oligarchs and just steal, steal and steal some more, then this type of "12-century pirate" behavior will not go unnoticed by users.

If a large group feels that Elon (and Zuck et al) is being unfair then it's quick jump off the ship. I still post a few things on X, but I don't use it like I did previously and a lot of it is due to Elon acting like an angry, drunken child.

Personally, I think if Elon keeps this up then X/Twitter is going to join MySpace and Geocities in oblivion within 5 years.
Like I said before, add .dot to user handles and it will open up a whole new world of handles.
Ain't happening because they don't want to make it easy for people to find anything off-platform.

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