Uniregistry is officially declared dead. (1 Viewing)

Godaddy doesn't support all the extensions that Uniregistry does, for example .link

haven't seen yet how they're going to deal with that?
It really seems like GoDaddy is trying to push everything through Afternic, so it looks like a few years down the line there will only be GD and Afternic.
This is absolutely true, and on Friday I got a mid 4-figure offer on my Uniregistry dashboard, and immediately after, received emails from Afternic (a price request(?)) and Godaddy Brokers (stating that I had received an $X,XXX and whether I would sell).

Clearly, Uni is now a feeder system to GoDaddy/Afternic and probably Dan as well.

Andrew from DNW posted he was given an option to click Migrate button. I logged in and i didn't get that option. All domains are automatically migrating to GoDaddy.
Me too, but what if you DO NOT want to migrate your Uni listings to Afternic?
All domains were successfully moved from Uniregistry to GoDaddy. Only issue was that GoDaddy didn't send out an e-mail with the new account #. I got that info when I logged into Uniregistry account.
Well, I guess now that GoDaddy is forwarding uniregistry.com to godaddy.com it's officially time to delete my old bookmarks.

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