Upcoming Changes to Goods & Services Payments on PayPal (1 Viewing)


Nov 5, 2020
  • Transition of Friends and Family Payments for Business Accounts​

    PayPal is also evolving the ways customers send money to Friends & Family and make payments for Goods & Services. In the coming weeks, U.S. customers will now only be able to send Friends and Family peer-to-peer payments to consumer PayPal accounts.

    This update helps ensure that eligible purchases of Goods and Services will be protected for both parties and will drive consistency on our platform, while also removing confusion around which payments are eligible for buyer and seller protections. This will also enable PayPal to help businesses properly reconcile data-keeping and organize personal and business income. Business account holders can continue to access business-only features like automated reporting, invoicing, multi-employee access, and more. Business account holders who currently use PayPal to receive non-business-related payments can use or create a personal account to receive personal payments without seller fees, while using their business account to receive commercial payments.

Upcoming Changes to Goods & Services Payments on PayPal


Byebye friends & family, it won't be long before they remove it on personal accounts.

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