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Jul 3, 2021
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What is Escrow Offer?​

Escrow Offer is the easiest way to introduce the power of price negotiation for escrow transactions to your website, online store, mobile app or classifieds site.

  1. Escrow Offer allows your buyers to submit offers to any item listed on your platform.
  2. Sellers can review offers, and either accept, reject or counter them.
  3. Negotiations proceed until a deal is reached and the escrow process begins.

Escrow Offer | Sellers can negotiate a price online through a Make Offer button or API

I haven't personally used it. I discovered this recently after seeing it on another portfolio website. Now that they accept Canadian $, I'll be integrating these on the landing pages and checking the results in a week or months time.
This is amazing news but it opens up a number of questions for me...

1. We know we can now use CAD but can we use them as a lander?
2. Would we get ssl
3. Do we get web stats?
4. Can we just point domains or can we park domains?
5. What about the .ca ?

Someone is sitting on and using it for an insurance service. That is dangerous, Escrow is a a well established service and this is one time I eish was active and owned by It shows how companies need to be more proactive and purchase their domains in ccTLD's.

Gorgeous website

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