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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

Here is a quick tutorial to teach you how to pay the least commission possible on your sales

  • First of all register here for a free Market Page: Get a free Market Page
  • Post there to request a URL similar to this:
  • Customize your market page similar to mine:
  • Then forward all your domains to your new market page URL

Now when someone contacts you there is no need to worry about commission, simply negotiate and upon a sale you have the following options.

1. Get paid by E-Transfer which is free and no commission.
2. Ask your client for a certified cheque which is also free.
3. Push the domain to for a nominal 5% commission.

If the client does not agree with any of the above send him here:

The client has to pay the full 20% commission if they decide to go with the godaddy link above and your share is 0%.
Believe it or not I had a client pick that option.

The trick to maximize profits is to not give it away in the form of commission.

I have hardly ever paid a commission and removing my store and pointing my domains to my market lander assures that negotiations start here so I can take advantage of the 5% push commission. If negotiations are started on it is 9% +1% bank transfer fee for a total of 10%.

GoDaddy is 20% and Sedo is 10%

Sell a few domains and your savings easily accumulate. Remember that we sell mostly .ca domains so using a bank e-transfer is the safest and easiest option. Most banks have a 3 to 5 thousand dollar daily limit so you can easily break the payment up into multiple payments and still stay 100% commission free.

By forwarding your domains to your market page at you are also increasing the traffic for the rest of us and assuring we turn into a remarkable resource for .ca in Canada.
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Again, view my Market Page to see exactly how it is done, try one of my domains:


You can bulk forward your domains like this:

Or you can actually add the domain like this:
That way the domain stays in the address bar. I will be doing that to my forwarded domains as I get time.

Also see how I promote my Market Page on my website:
I don't have a lot of domains but I might sign up.

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