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Jul 28, 2021
Mississauga, ON
I know most everyone is opposed to giving Godaddy 20% for brokerage. I think its well worth it.

I dont have to deal with the buyer. Most people don’t have a clue when they want to buy an aftermarket domain and require hours of work to get there (from price, escrow, transfer etc.).

The Godaddy name and Network. The public knows the brand and trusts the transaction are legit.

BUY NOW. Buyers want a price. They have no idea what to offer. Let alone negotiate. Know the value of your lower end 2 word domains and price them out.

$2500 USD. Price your domains below $2500. Buyer doesnt have to fill out any forms or jump through hoops to purchase. A few probably walk away because of the hassle. You will pick up impulse buys due to the ease of purchase.

The broker will contact you if the buyer calls them and makes a counteroffer. I have no reason to believe the broker is trying to squeeze me for personal gain. If the buyer hits the buy now button, there is no broker involved. The offer has to be legit if the broker is calling me.

Sub $2500 domains keep the cash flow going.

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Sponsors who contribute to keep free.

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