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Nov 4, 2020
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Using My Own Landers, Pushing Prospects to Dan​

By Elliot Silver
July 27, 2022

It’s no secret that I like using and have found success on the platform. A large percentage of my portfolio forwards directly to pages. I use a combination of BIN, BIN+Make Offer, and LTO options shown to prospective buyers. As we seem to be headed into a recession, I decided to test something different with many of my inventory domain names.
Instead of having the domain names forward directly to landing pages, I am utilizing my own make offer landing pages once again. Doing so allows me to control the leads. I can communicate directly with them, and importantly, I can follow-up with them over time if a deal is not struck.

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Basically the same I do when someone hits my inquiry form. I negotiate and then push to for payment. The 5% is great value if it continues moving forward under godaddy management I will be happy.

Here are my predictions...

1. I think dan's commission will go up to the standard 20% godaddy fee.

2. I think godaddy will implement a push to payment fee similar to dan's 5% but maybe at a bit higher fee. I would not use them at a higher fee so hopefully they stay at 5% but I FOR SURE will not be selling my domains at a 20% fee, I just cannot give up that much profit.

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