Wake up Call Heart Attack at 53! (2 Viewing)


Nov 16, 2020

I recently had the biggest wake up call, I had an MI on Sep14th, very lucky to be alive. In light of recent events and trying to tidy up my life lol, I am not going to hold onto domains waiting for "The Offer" I would rather liquidate most of what I have, keep a few and maybe upgrade to fewer and better domains.

I am adjusting my existing domains listed and if anyone is looking for a domain let me know. I will probably go through my lists and add some low prices on most of my domains so if anyone is interested let me know and when i get it done I will send it out.

p.s. If anyone has FH or Familia Hypercholesterolemia, it needs to be treated lifestyle and diet will not help! genes can be a bitch.

Thanx Dan
Yikes! Sorry to hear this Dan but happy for an early catch(y)
Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing
Thank you for the warning and reminder. Hope you feel better and recover as much and as quickly as possible.
Hope you stay well, we are all rooting for you.
Glad to know you’re doing much better. Take care always!
crap - glad to hear your OK. One of my biggest fears too, luckily I don't have the genetic cholesterol issue, but know some that do. It took someone dying for them to realize it though. Knowing is the biggest thing.

Another good reason to just price domains and eliminate the hassles.

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