Wayne Gretzky rookie card sells for $3.75 Million (1 Viewing)


Nov 18, 2020
Nelson, BC

I remember being about 10 years old and buying these opeechee hockey card packs for about 25 cents, and collecting the set and trading with friends. I wonder how many Gretzky rookie cards I held in my hands back then, probably quite a few. Though this one that sold is a Gem Mint perfect condition, a lesser condition one would still get 5 or 6 figures now, maybe even low 7. A number of years ago I looked into the cards and thought I still had the Gretzky, but it was missing. Still have almost a complete set from that year, can't remember what happened to the Gretzky card. One of those could have / should have things, should have been grabbing every Gretzky rookie when I was 10 and putting them away in a vault!
It would be cool if they made a series about Gretzky like Michael Jordan's Last Dance on Netflix.

Gretzky wasn't the fastest player, or the strongest, or the hardest shot, or even the most skilled in one on ones, but his points speak for themselves. It would be interesting if some good analysts could deconstruct in detail what made Gretzky so effective. 'Great passer' or 'skate to where the puck is going' doesn't quite cut it. It isn't plainly obvious watching him, like watching a Jordan or Mario Lemieux about what made him so great. To put it in perspective, if you took away ALL of Gretzky's goals, he would still be the all time NHL points leader on assists alone! That is just crazy.
domains said:
It would be cool if they made a series about Gretzky like Michael Jordan's Last Dance on Netflix.

I grew up in Chicago and of course followed the Bulls & Jordan. That Last Dance was a fantastic trip down memory lane with some new insights. I would have paid to watch that series!

And you're right, Gretzky also deserves a similar series. I wasn't even a huge Gretzky fan, saw him play once in LA. But I would definitely watch every minute of that show too.

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