We like corn, but we like domains more here at WHC (2 Viewing)

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HeHe.... Will it go viral?
The embed never plays for me, just keeps on loading and if you click on the red watch now button you're not even at the right account, really weird.
I edited it and it should work now when you click it but yes the watch button now is incorrect.

Try logging in and seeing if it works

I think something is wrong with the code on the whc end

I will investigate further because we do have working tiktok embed.
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You use the top left embedd button and insert the TikTok URL, the system will render it from there.

The video displays inline but the red button takes you to more videos on TikTok, that is default behaviour by them. Read the little scroll beside the button.

Can you confirm that the TikTok plays for you now?

Hold down your control button and refresh the screen first to assure you have a fresh copy.

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