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Working on getting Danto fully registered

Hotmail seems to be blocking our registration emails, I am working on fixing that.

@hotmail, @outlook, @live, @msn are all the same and they are currently blocking thousands of website emails. They have decided to block emails and are not even sending them to spam. It is a known issue and causing me headaches on some of my other sites as well.

Best solution.... use gmail, it just works!
Who uses Hotmail anymore? :ROFLMAO:
About 2% of our users and it causes headaches with server bounces.

If a member gets bounced it changes his user state and that reduces board privileges, which then creates "how come" emails and I inevitably have to intervene to help.

So yeah, personally I wish hotmail and it's variants would go the way of the dodo bird.

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Sponsors who contribute to keep dn.ca free.

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