what do you think about this domain? baffler.xyz (1 Viewing)

I think there is a magazine with that name.

First thing to do is to research how many extensions are registered and/or developed. The .com is important, if it's developed that is always a good sign.

The question I always ask myself is...

Is the domain highly sought after in com, that determines if I want the name in another extension.
Do you have an offer for it or just asking in general?
I like the name but I don't think it's that great in terms of potential resale value to be honest.

OpenCorporates.com says there are only 4 active corporations that include this word in their name, worldwide, at the moment. One of them is from the Dominican Republic and the other 3 are based in the US... BUT all 3 in the US make part of the same non-profit corporation called The Baffler Foundation (which own "The Baffler" magazine @MapleDots mentioned already).

So it's essentially just 2 registered corporations worldwide that include this word in their name, according to opencorporates, which indicates this word barely has any usage worldwide aside from The Baffler Foundation. This means the word isn't very popular and therefore there's likely not much demand for it. Click on the image below if you want to visit my source:

The other big problem is trademark issues. The Baffler Foundation/magazine might be your best (and perhaps only) prospect but they were established in 1988 and filed for a trademark about a year ago... and their TM still predates your registration date... which means they could consider bringing a UDRP against you for it. There are a a couple other companies/products you can find on Google with the word in their name (one involving golf clubs) but they also have a TM (from 1988).

The word baffler also doesn't seem to be that common of a word (i've never heard it used before) whereas baffle, baffled, and baffling (and even bafflement) are much more common. This makes the Baffler Foundation's (and others') trademark that much stronger because this word is used so rarely and therefore can be more easily attributed to these TM holders.

All that said, you can't predict the future and maybe it will sell... and the baffler can easily be understood as a derivative form of the word baffle so you can argue it's a generic dictionary word if they ever come for it but I don't know if that argument would hold up.

I have to admit i took particular interest in this because I picked up baffle in dot ca in TBR a few years ago and I don't think that domain has all that much potential either even though the word is common/well-known. But again, you never know and .xyz is at least open to the world whereas mine is limited to Canada.
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