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Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
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What is a parked domain?​

A parked domain is a domain name not connected to a website or an email address. It’s registered but inactive.

Owners are just waiting for the right moment or opportunity to give them use in the future.

Parking a domain is like buying a car and keeping it in the garage for a later purpose (or maybe keeping it locked up in a showroom so that other people can see it but not use it).

Let’s say you buy a 4×4 for winter. You purchase it in summer and park it in your garage to use in December.

The car has been failing to fulfill any function for months, but no one else can use it except you. You registered it by your name and own it.

Although the comparison is not 100% accurate, it’s an easy way to understand how parking a domain works. When you park a domain, you’re keeping it for your convenience. You can use it when it’s more appropriate.

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If you're new to domaining, follow the link through, its a very informative article.

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