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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

reddot.ca was on TBR a little while ago so I thought I would punch it in and see who was using it.

When I visited the site with my adguard adblocker on all I got was a blank page with not even one letter on it.

When I shut off my adblocker I get the page above except it forwards from reddot.ca to reddot.ca/listing

I am pretty sure this is a software like dnhat or similar but it is poorly designed when an ad blocker looks at the entire page as an ad. When I first visited the site it looked like there was nothing up and running. I thought maybe it was a sedo landing page because they sometimes get blocked by adblockers as well.

If a member bought this domain you may want to look at the software you are using to do some tweaks.
Here is the source code for the lander

Text Box:
<!DOCTYPE html><html data-adblockkey="MFwwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEBBQADSwAwSAJBANDrp2lz7AOmADaN8tA50LsWcjLFyQFcb/P2Txc58oYOeILb3vBw7J6f4pamkAQVSQuqYsKx3YzdUHCvbVZvFUsCAwEAAQ==_Rn0bxdD6hVRD0ZKgvYVtqPJ2tWLomkhwHFM+aVPwFnpFxkXFvCmmcaPob0/kuYZn8o14ipzFl8vPhUxvqPDH6Q=="><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><title></title><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"><meta name="description" content="See related links to what you are looking for."/></head><body><script type="text/javascript">g_pb=(function(){var
return nw;aAv=azw.split("&");for(bH=0;bH<aAv.length;bH++){aAw=aAv[bH].split('=');nw[aAw[0]]=aAw[1]?aAw[1]:"";}
return nw;})();g_pc=(function(){var $is_ABP_whitelisted=null;var $Image1=new Image;var $Image2=new Image;var $error1=false;var $error2=false;var $remaining=2;var $random=Math.random()*11;function $imageLoaded(){$remaining--;if($remaining===0)
$Image1.onload=$Image2.onload=$imageLoaded;$Image1.onerror=function(){$error1=true;$imageLoaded();};$Image2.onerror=function(){$error2=true;$imageLoaded();};$Image1.src='/px.gif?ch=1&rn='+$random;$Image2.src='/px.gif?ch=2&rn='+$random;return{azo:function(){return'&abp='+($is_ABP_whitelisted?'1':'0');},$isWhitelisted:function(){return $is_ABP_whitelisted;},$onReady:function($callback){function $poll(){if($is_ABP_whitelisted===null)
setTimeout($poll,100);else $callback();}
$poll();}}})();(function(){var aAo=screen,Rr=window,azx=Rr.location,aAB=top.location,DT=document,Sf=DT.body||DT.getElementsByTagName('body')[0],aAy=0,aAx=0,aAz=0,$IE=null;if(Sf.className==='ie6')
$IE=6;else if(Sf.className==='ie7')
$IE=7;else if(Sf.className==='ie8')
$IE=8;else if(Sf.className==='ie9')
$IE=9;function aAu($callback){aAz++;aAy=Rr.innerWidth||DT.documentElement.clientWidth||Sf.clientWidth;aAx=Rr.innerHeight||DT.documentElement.clientHeight||Sf.clientHeight;if(aAy>0||aAz>=5){$callback();}
var $num_requirements=2;function $requirementMet(){$num_requirements--;if($num_requirements===0)
aAu($requirementMet);g_pc.$onReady($requirementMet);function aAA(){var ef=undefined,IQ=encodeURIComponent,aAt;if(aAB!=azx&&g_pd.r_s===ef)
I’m 99.9% that landing page is used by Bodis. So it’s possible that ithey used the Bodis NS.
Nafti said:
I’m 99.9% that landing page is used by Bodis. So it’s possible that ithey used the Bodis NS.

I was thinking the same, and it is:

Ha ha

Bodies cannot get past adblockers, that is pretty lame.

Clean up your code boys

If you need help hire a kid he will probably do better than the sloppy code you are using.
I've never tried an adblocker, are they actually worth using?
rlm said:
I've never tried an adblocker, are they actually worth using?

HeHe... sometimes I wonder if you are being serious or not :lol:
MapleDots said:
HeHe... sometimes I wonder if you are being serious or not :lol:

was definitely serious. I'm just always skeptical of installing any unnecessary software and trusting they're not doing more potential harm than good. I can ignore ads no problem, in theory I guess it speeds up page loads by reducing the data sent. Just wondering if many people actually use them, and how much does it actually help?
rlm said:
Just wondering if many people actually use them, and how much does it actually help?

Install this:

It is the best one I have ever found, you will never surf without it again.

Remember I have a coding past, I know clean code when I see it, this one is superb.
The whole concept reminds me too much of anti-virus software. Create something bad and then sell you the antidote... I've never had a computer virus and every time I've helped someone with their computer problems, I swear its usually the damn anti-virus software causing it. So I'm really skeptical of installing software that could be a trojan horse for something worse. I'm not really a conspiracy theorist or anything, but I keep careful control over what gets installed, I don't just download anything unless I _really_ need it _and_ trust it. Also, browsers are getting better with privacy and you can stop some stuff if you enable it, like cross-site tracking. And frankly, seeing ads are one of the few ways I get exposed to new trends. I guess I just haven't seen too big of a need to block ads, personally. Are they annoying? Yes. Are they the backbone of monetizing the internet? Yes. Its a necessary evil, I am subjected to a lot of crap, but every once in a while an ad is actually useful and thus I help the internet go round...

That being said, maybe I'll take a closer look at it.

It is an extension you add to your chrome browser, intalls it in a second and change the way you view websites.

It really is not software in the traditional way, it uninstalls in seconds.

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