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Nov 11, 2020
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For those of you that operate eCommerce sites, which platform do you use and why?


Something else?

For me, I use WP/WooCommerce for my eCommerce sites. I basically fell into it and knew a web developer that used it extensively, so it's what I have stuck with. It can be finicky at times with the constant WP updates and various plugin updates. I have thought about trying Shopify for a site in the future.

How about you?
I use a something called ecwid, which stands for e-commerce widget.

You can embed the store in multiple sites like facebook etc by adding one line of code.
Even works on wordpress, you simply add the line of code and bingo you have your store.

They also provide a fully functioning store site for the same price of about $350 bucks per year.
I have a number of online stores and most of them are heavily customized. The one most of you know about is a member only site. I had to do it as a member only site because I sell below map pricing (minimum advertised price) and I get around that by requiring a membership to see pricing.

Between all my stores I am currently selling about 5 million annually and some of the sites are straight drop ship sites which means someone else does all the work.

I would recommend ecwid.com it is easy and relatively inexpensive, especially since you do not need a separate server.

PS. ECWID never needs updating, it is all automatic, you can set it and forget it.
Ecwid sounds interesting. I like the idea of adding a shop to Facebook easily. I will definitely checkout. Thanks.

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