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Nov 18, 2020
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ApresSki (.)ca

fairly common skiing term.

had an offer of $1750 US in past week. came through Uni/Godaddy so knock off 20% for commission.

don't know anything about the buyer, what would you counter?
Hmm, I am not a skier in fact I spelled it as skiier before spell check corrected me so that shows you how much I know about the topic.

That said, I have truly never heard of this word.

Personally I never sell under 5k so I can only tell you what I would do and that is to hold out for 5k CAD.

Mind you I am so stubborn that I have actually dropped a couple of domains over the years I had 1k offers on. :eek:
I love to ski and have a lot of ski related domains. I never get inquiries on them though...
domains said:

I see that Apres.ski and apresski.es active on the net, although the later a clothing site.

Sometimes, I take a sale, just to keep the inventory moving. I too had a few ski domains. Never sold any and eventually dropped. Do the best for yourself.. this is only my opinion.
What's your asking price? How far apart are you with this $1750 offer? How long have you owned it? How many other offers have you received on the name?

Lots of variables here

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