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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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According to this you will be able to list the domains you won on a WHC platform.

So take a domain like Nexus from last week.

You look and decide maybe you spent a bit more than you wanted and immediately relist it on the sales platform for a quick 1k flip. The next person bidding that lost it may have had time to think about it and come to bat at 1k more.

Or someone who only backordered at MyID but also wanted it may agree to the quick flip.

All in all it has a few possibilities but according to WHC themselves they are working on it.

How does everyone else feel about it?
If it's going to be limited to WHC TBR wins, then there could be a "Make Offer" section for interested buyers to inquire about past TBR wins. I probably won't be listing anything there, but I would consider reasonable offers on my WHC portfolio. I might also want to make an offer on a domain that I lost out on, but then later made a sale or two that bumped up my available budget.

WHC account holders would be able to opt-in or opt-out of receiving offers.

I bring this up because I really don't see a huge demand for yet-another-marketplace, especially one limited to only .CA at one registrar, and this "Make Offer" option could really open it up to more potential buyers, sales and profits for WHC.

My concerns about an aftermarket system like this is ensuring bidders are fully verified and aren't just fake-account tire kickers or scammers. Also, there needs to be a minimum amount for unsolicited offers, such as 2X-4X the original winning WHC bid price to dissuade tire kickers.

And as to the overall marketplace, what would the commission charges be? What happens if WHC gets scammed on a payment, are they obligated by TOS to take the financial hit (like GD does) or would they come after the original owner? Would it strictly be BIN or also include Make Offer, Make Offer +BIN, etc. formats?
I am looking forward to it because WHC has buyers that are not part of this forum. Also would be good if they allow to list domains from other registrars as well.
MyId has had a marketplace for years but not for TBR’s. . In order to get your names listed you need to have the domain at MyId. Well that’s how it use to be anyway.

So a marketplace like this would be rather interesting I think. Maybe [notify]frank[/notify] can tell us more about it and when it could be released.
On a related note, is there a bona fide marketplace dedicated only to .CA domains? I am talking about a marketplace of .CA domains offered for sale by multiple owners as opposed to a portfolio 'marketplace' of domains owned by a single domainer (example: DomainNames.ca, which is only Wayne's domains).

This is what the final look of the new marketplace looks like.

It all sits at dn.ca but you can get directly to each marketplace by using the appropriate marketplace domain.

Am hard at work this weekend and next week this site transitions so the board will lock for a short spell as everything migrates.
The .com and .other sections are mostly meant for our members to post their other domains. There might be the ocassional non Canadian that joins but it will probably mostly be Canadians.

I know I have domains like MapleLeafs.org for the .other section or BigMaple.com for the .com section.

So NamePost.com & NamePost.xyz are compliment sections meant to post Canadian flavoured domains or anything else a member wants to advertise to other members.
PS. I was trying to decide what extension to use for NamePost .other and literally had dozens selected but in the end .xyz made the most sense to me because it is the end of the alphabet which means it can accomodate everything up to the end of the alphabet.

NamePost.ca - ONLY .ca

NamePost.com - ONLY .com

NamePost.xyz - Everything else

So when you visit DN.ca it shows the entire site but if you want to hop straight to the .ca marketplace you just type in NamePost.ca

Hence I changed the forum tagline to Post & Discuss Domains.

Discuss via DN.ca

or Post in the Marketplace
It also future proofs us if we ever need to separate the marketplace.

So pretend an incredible Marketplace software comes out in the future and we still want to maintain dn.ca. We can then redirect the NamePost marketplace directly to the new software with no downtime or fuss because by that time it will be totally ingrained.

At this point I am investing considerably into upgrades and I have a vision for DN to become a much fuller service platform.

The rest of the plans will be discussed in private via the boardroom and launched there via testing to invited members only. In other words, members that want to actively participate in the future direction of DN.ca.

One more hint of what I am working on....

Member Landing Pages where you can list all your domains. It will have private notes and fields where you can track your costs, where you got the domain etc. Then you check off the fields you want to publish and the rest stays private.

Estimated arrival for the landers is January 1st.
It's a huge coding job and an integration that will give each member a back login to their template.
Lastly, as it relates to this topic...

I will probably work with WHC to see how we can incorporate some of their TBR information more effectively into the forum.

Currently the easiest would be a live feed of sorts but I will think about that after I get some of the above completed.
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