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Nov 20, 2020
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.COM registrations are currently on sale at $10.49 for the rest of the month (until January 31st) at WHC.

No restrictions per account. We reserve the right end the sale at any time.
Who here has .com's at WHC, and how do you find the overall service, domain panel, etc for managing domains there?

though I'm not sure it should be any different than .ca. I've mostly held my .ca's at Canadian registrars and .com and everything else at Godaddy, then UNI, now Godaddy again so far. But now wondering about making a change and moving .com's and others as well. The $320 Domain Discount Club pricing at GD is just seeming too steep, when you can get the same .com prices elsewhere, and I don't need all the other frills that come with DDC.
Who here has .com's at WHC, and how do you find the overall service, domain panel, etc for managing domains there?
I'm in the process of transferring all my domains over to WHC. The new panel is straightforward and (IMO) a lot better than the classic. I've never had a bad experience with their support, but I'm sure @FM would be quick to assist if I did. Lastly, they're Canadian, so you know your money is supporting our economy.
I see a lot of domainers leaving godaddy, they are going to lose a lot of domains to some of the newer players if they keep up with the high pricing plus charging for discount club. For me they were more expensive then WHC even after discount club was applied.

Happy to have my eggs in Canada instead.
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That's what it's looking like to me. I don't know why they bundle all those other features with DDC that I'm sure many people don't want or need, just to justify the price. They should have a stripped down version with just the domain discounts offered for less. DDC just gets more expensive every year, it was half or less the cost a year ago before they jacked it up. I've been at Godaddy for around 20+ years.
I have a few two letter IDN .com domains. It seems that those aren't able to transfer, does the registry not allow it?
I think it should normally work. Please email me the names and include your account email at
I have a support ticket with Ren Sanders, I just provided the domain names and auth codes and he's going to try to do it. Interested to see if it works.
You've got the right guy on the job, he joined us from Sibername with tons of Domain Experience - if it doesn't work we'll take a look what need to be fixed.

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