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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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A few problems with the email

1. Domain is at godaddy

2. It is set to NOT auto renew

So how can they say it will auto renew when it is clearly set not to.
Even better, how can they even renew it when it is no longer with them?

Have that problem with canspace too and will probably happen at Epiks all.ca because they are all using this crappy outdated software that has not worked in 5 years.
WHC is the King of the Zombie Domains!

I have old domains for years gone past still sitting on my account, and remember when WHC took that transferred-in domain away from me and gave it to RLM because he previously owned it years ago. That was crazy.
Thanks all, for bringing this up here. Hopefully, this is something we'll be fixing soon, this has been on my list for a while - to build a proper synchronization process across TLDs, better domain management, additional features etc.
Thank you [notify]FM[/notify] for first of all admitting it and then for making sure that it will be done. It is something which should be on your high priority list. It's just a simple neglect by one person over the years that has caused this image to an otherwise great Registrar. Hope we will see that implemented soon.

We applaud your initiatives and have great faith in your abilities to get this done. No pressure though!

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