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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

Which domain do you get the most inquiries for in a single year?

Is it a .com or a .ca?

I have a domain (leafit.com & Leafit.ca) that gets dozens of REAL serious inquiries per year and is ending up as my absolute most requested domain.

The domain was purchased a number of years back for just under 1k at godaddy auction. It was owned by a social network company that went belly up and I bought it before the whole leaf industry was popular. It was a domain that just kind of spoke to me and to be honest I was looking more at the Maple connection as opposed to cannabis.

I quoted someone 12.5k a number of years back and the person decided to launch on the .org instead. Quite honestly with the whole leafly connection I don't think I would sell it for that today but nonetheless I get dozens of inquiries for the domain yearly and this month is exceptional with 13 inquiries in 11 days.

The problem is that everyone tries to disguise the intended use of the domain and they all say they are a poor startup that cannot afford to pay more than 1k or so.

So which domain do you get the most inquiries for?
Definitely Be.ca for me. Have had 10 inquiries for the month of March so far.

I may have mentioned before that I had this one sold back in mid 2019 but buyer went AWOL.
Things that make you go hmmmmm...
20 minutes after reading this post I got a spam mail for Leaf Filter :eek:
for me it's plantbased.ca and tina.ca in the past year. though no single domains getting 10 or more inquiries in a month, that would be pretty special. 4 or 5 inquiries for a single domain in a month would be tops.

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