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Nov 4, 2020
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Who are the most valuable members on dn.ca?​

The answer to that is obvious... Every member is valuable and appreciated.

That said there are some golden eggs that stand out and those are the members with the highest TOPIC count.

Topics are the juice that powers the site, comments to topics are great but we need the juice to power the site.
That is why I put topic count into profiles with post count and likes.

Here are some of the top TOPIC contributors on dn.ca: Most topics

That is also why I place them in the #1 slot on the members page: Members

So anyone that is contributing topics... THANK YOU SO MUCH (y)

To everyone else, may I ask you to consider adding a couple of topics when you stumble across something interesting in your travels around the internet.

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Wow.. what an honour.. Thanks for the encouragement

And the current most Valuable Member on DN.ca is....​



esdiel is fast approaching 100 topics making him the highest contributing member on the board.​

Screenshot - 2022-08-09T092353.504.png

Screenshot - 2022-08-09T092442.342.png

Congratulations @Esdiel

PS. As admin I do not qualify for this competition, I will update this topic as the stats change in the future

Honorary mentions for the top 10

Screenshot - 2022-08-09T092652.382.png

1. @Esdiel
2. @Nafti
3. @theinvestor
4. @dancarls
5. @rlm
6. @domains
7. @FM
8. @Eby
9. @CanuckDomains
10. @DomainRecap

I would like to thank each and every one of our TOP members for their contributions to the success of dn.ca​

Please don't forget to spread the news and sign up your friends.
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New designation for Most Valuable Members...

Highest Topic Count
Highest Post Count
Highest Like Count

Member Banner is Notable Member with the achievement printed just above

Screenshot - 2022-08-09T102839.020.png
Screenshot - 2022-08-09T102904.269.png
Screenshot - 2022-08-09T102935.894.png

Screenshot - 2022-08-09T103340.263.png

Notable members

Updates to these levels will be issued as they are reported changed

If you surpass any of the current Notable Members in Topic, Post, or Likes count please contact me to update your member status.

Notable/Gold Member Status is the absolute highest member status there is and I will eventually be adding a silver and bronze level for the #2 & #3 winner in each category.
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I removed myself from the stats, now you can see the real results
I get it but not sure how I feel about it. You deserve more credit than anyone, and seeing your stats there showed the enormous amount of effort you put in.
I get it but not sure how I feel about it. You deserve more credit than anyone, and seeing your stats there showed the enormous amount of effort you put in.

You can see my stats beside every post but because I am here daily as an admin it skews the results for the members and I want to make sure the members who put in the work are recognized. As a staff member it is expected for me to have a lot of posts but for members it's all voluntary and by showing the stats the way they are I am hoping to create some friendly competitions.

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