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Nov 4, 2020
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Afternic.ca is registered at namespro.ca so chances are a domainer owns it.
WHOIS Search | Domain Name Lookup Tool - Webnames.ca

I was thinking of possibly renaming the TBR section to Afternic.ca or similar, basically to what I am doing in the Marketplace with Namepost.ca

In fact I was thinking of renaming all the forums with a .ca extension of sorts and forwarding that extension to the matching forum, much in the same way I am doing it with NamePost.ca

That would really help new members see how .ca domains can be used not only as main website but also as a pointer to specific content.

I think we can lead a bit here and I will be on the lookout for some domains that could help the forum structure utilizing existing domains.

Afternic will probably not buy that domain name and TBR is far enough removed that we should hopefully not have to worry about trademark issues (hopefully) but I am open to other names for this or any of the other forums assuming we can pick up the domains reasonably or with fund raisers.

Would be super nice if the owner could sell it to us reasonably so we can utilize it in our community.
Using the afternic domain in any way on the forum. I think it’s just asking for trouble.
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Yep…bad idea. Next thing you’re going to want to do a .ca appraisal on estibot.ca.
Would have been nice if you got TBR.ca in TBR….
I don’t understand why it can’t stay as it is?

Why are you wanting to do this?
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I don’t understand why it can’t stay as it is?

Why are you wanting to do this?

To show and educate the general public that domains are more than just websites, they can be magnificent pointers to content or even a brand name within a website.

Showcasing this and leading the way on our forum may educate the general public on the importance of domain names for content as well.

It's just an idea, look at our marketplace as a great example, featuring two word domains as pointers to specific content.
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