Who's a larger monopoly realtor or godaddy? (1 Viewing)

Eventually all for sale domains will point to godaddy, remind you of another monopoly?

I actually disagree with that statement, with more marketplaces coming aboard Godaddy is facing more competition than ever.

1. Efty and the new Efty Pay.
2. Dynabadot
4. SAV
5. NameSilo
6. Sedo
7. Flippa
8. NameCheap
9. BrandBucket
10. Private Landers

There are probably a few I have not listed, but I was thinking the exact opposite, godaddy is starting to see more competition. I think it was facilitated by the DAN.com buyout which opened the door to new entities wanting to take up the slack and jump into the hole left by the DAN acquisition.

Now once new payment systems come aboard like EftyPay there will be a gradual evening out. GoDaddy will remain the leader but there will be enough options for people if they decide not to use GoDaddy.

For me personally I use a mix, trying out new things and sticking to the old tried and true methods. I cant wait to try EftyPay because Dan is slowing down for pushes but if I were to predict I would say there is going to be a massive player jumping aboard soon. I don't want to get into it in this topic because it deserves it's own topic but hold on to your hats, the entire payment industry is going to be turned upside down pretty soon. Payment and exchange of domains is going to become a breeze without the need for companies like Efty and DAN to facilitate the payments. I will talk about that more soon.
You don't need either company if you put some work and effort into it, or you can sit back and let the professionals handle it. There's a reason professionals earn their fee and it's usually to cross the t's and dot the i's so nothing comes back and bites you in the rear.
GoDaddy certainly has a massive market share, with around the same amount of domains as the next 10 registrars combined. However, I am not sure that qualifies as a monopoly.

Just because you are a market leader, doesn't mean you are a monopoly.

They offer the same services as many other providers.

A true monopoly is a company like Verisign. They are the only company that gets to control .COM, via a sweetheart no-bid contract.

I think the primary advantage that GD/Afternic/Dan et al. have is the FT premium registrar network.

Therefore, I hope we will always have Sedo MLS just so there is not a monopoly in that.

It is really unfortunate that Dofo stopped (or well became something else). Something like that that would be a single source place to find where any domain name is for sale, sort of like MLS and most real estate listings, could have evened the playing field.

I know people can simply enter the name and look for lander, but surprisingly some potential buyers instead go looking at their favourite registrar.

I would love to see additional entries have success in both the general and brandable marketplace.


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