Why Companies Are 'Debranding' [Logos] (1 Viewing)

Nice video, I actually took all that into consideration when I launched the new dn.ca software and opted for no logo.

The previous site had a logo, remember this?


Now it's this


So I took the whole flat logo thing into consideration and considering the FAVICON is now the most important part of the logo simplicity is the key.
Good choice. It could still be considered a logo though, it just doesn’t have any icon(s) or any special features/effects. It’s simplistic, which often looks more professional (or is that just the current trend?).

I like how they include all the GD logos over the years as an example in the video too:


He also characterizes Godaddy’s logo as evolving from "wacky to bland" lol.... which is true... and it actually has some similarities to the airbnb logo just above it.


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Sponsors who contribute to keep dn.ca free.

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