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Nov 28, 2020
Came across this nugget today and did some digging

MoneySense article

What, exactly, is changing?

Metro, Inc. has been an Air Miles Rewards Program partner since 1998, allowing shoppers to collect Air Miles and redeem them for money off their grocery bill.

With the end of the partnership, the chain is signalling its intention to transition from the Air Miles program to its own loyalty program, called Moi Rewards.

Once this change is complete, shoppers will no longer be able to collect or redeem Air Miles at stores under the Metro banner. Customers are invited to participate in Moi Rewards, which is expanding to Metro and Food Basics stores later this year. (Food Basics currently does not have a loyalty program.)

Why you won’t get Air Miles at Metro anymore - MoneySense

The Moi page on Metro.ca

metro&moi is evolving into a program that gives me even more​


And of course Moi.ca is registered at MyID so Metro did the next best thing...they went with...drumroll...moiid.ca

Moiid sounds like a medical condition if you ask me
Thats a moiidered domain!

Who is going to register metromoi.ca first?

Remember they use dashes on the site as well so metro-moi.ca is also a possibility.
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