Will Domainers ever be able to shake the “Squatters” label? (1 Viewing)


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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON

Not a week goes by that I don’t hear from a friend of mine in the startup world that a “squatter” as the domain name they want for their company. I usually respond the same way every time, “Oh, so you mean you Trademarked the name, started using it for your company, and someone read about it and bought the name?”

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Morgan Linton is one of my favourite domain bloggers and I always look forward to his insights.

My favourite quote from the article...

After a confused pause they usually respond, “No, we just thought of the name yesterday, but someone’s squatting on it and wants way too much for it.”

Hehe, the article hits the nail right on the head.
Yes great article
I think there will always be some 'squatter' sentiment among the general public for people who register and invest in domain names. Maybe it gets a little better over time.
Like the saying goes, 1 bad apple spoils the bunch. Unfortunately there will always be cyber squatters. All is takes is 1, it makes some news article somewhere about a domain owner being a squatter which in turn for people that don’t know better, we’re all labeled cyber squatters. I have been called a cyber squatter a few times for owning a generic domain.

A lot of people out there also don’t realize that this is indeed a business and a full one for a lot of people.

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