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You have no clue what you’re talking about.
I always love it when someone can’t have a normal conversation by throwing out insults like this. I “could” say the same thing about you but I’m I don’t like to throw out insults when I’m having a debate with someone. CLEARLY you have no issue with it. Seems like I have ruffled your feathers a little. Maybe go for a walk just to get away from your computer and just breathe.

I believe most here know where you stand on Hamas. I would find that very disappointing to say the least if my suspicions are true.
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I think that you are trying to deflect the current conflict to talk about Hamas. I never mentioned Hamas once. This isn’t about Hamas. Believe it or not many Palestinians are not in support of Hamas but many are because they are the only ones standing for their beliefs of freedom.

I just find it disgusting that you’re posting images and claiming Palestinians are celebrating murder. That will never be the case and if it happens it’s a rare few and would never be televised as such that it is all their beliefs. There are many extremists and I’m sure you wouldn’t like to be labelled as one just because of your background.

But you post an article from an anti Muslim site which is purposely pushing articles that are so far from the truth. Then you claim you know politics. I am not attacking but it’s disgusting.
This isn’t about Hamas.
Wait…… What??????

Believe it or not many Palestinians are not in support of Hamas but many are because they are the only ones standing for their beliefs of freedom.
I do know this and unfortunately many of them are stuck in the middle so to speak. I do feel bad for the majority of Palestines who do not want any part of this.
This is my understanding of it. I'm pretty sure that Israel wants nothing more than to be left alone and have peace. Egypt, Jordan and Syria all attacked Israel in the six-day-war and Israel then captured land after they fought back and kicked everyone's asses. Them's the spoils of a war they didn't start - yet many years later, Israel came to trust Egypt enough to return the Sinai peninsula. Giving back that land seems to be a pretty good indication that Israel just wants lasting peace.

But Gaza is a completely different story. Iran has blatantly used Gaza as the place to carry on their proxy war against Israel. And clearly the population of Gaza has been caught in the middle of all that. Unfortunately the majority of Gaza population (who also presumably just want to live in peace) can't seem to keep out the militants as supported by Iran and Syria. If they could, I don't think there would be a problem. Israel has to maintain some level of control over Gaza as a matter of national security - and sadly - they're clearly failed to do that as well. Basically they feel that Gaza is infested and it is now time to fumigate the entire place - which is what we are seeing now. I can't say that I entirely blame them, but it's a bit of a no win situation too. If Palestinians were more proactive in PREVENTING this attack, they wouldn't be suffering the consequences. Israel and Egypt have both agreed to a long-term blockade on Gaza to try and cripple the militants - and you'd think the peace loving people would push out the militants to put an end to the blockades. So to some degree, it could be argued that all Palestinians are complicit in allowing this to happen from their neighbourhoods. That being said, clearly there are many innocent children in harms way and it is entirely tragic for all of them. It is horrible, and everyone complaining about it isn't exactly offering any realistic solutions either. Clearly Israel needs to "fumigate" Gaza of Hamas. While they probably won't be able to eliminate Hamas (the individuals can too easily fade into the general population), they can systematically wipe out whatever infrastructure Hamas has - but for their own safety, EVERYONE has to be pushed out for that to happen. l get it, that's just the logistics of an operation like that. But obviously that creates a humanitarian crisis too. Unfortunately, that also plays right into the hands of Iran and Hamas where they attack Israel but ultimately make Israel look to be the bad guys.

So is my understanding of the situation correct? Let me know if I'm missing anything, I'd like to know and understand.

So to all the opinionated out there - what is the solution?
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@rlm In order to truly understand this conflict you have to go back in history. The state of Israel did not come about until 1948; when Palestinians were forced out of their homes. Commonly referred to as “nakba” which is translated to catastrophe.

To state something as simple as Israel wants peace is far from the truth as the actions they have committed over decades are not peaceful.

They are now doing the same thing that they did in 1948 which is displacing Palestinians and telling them to leave their homes and go to Egypt. Why Egypt? If their concern is truly to save the civilians what’s wrong with allowing them to enter Israel?

It is clear Israel is trying to finish the job which is completely eliminate Palestinians and take over the rest of their land. Their own party leaders have stated so. Western media is one sided.

Israel MK calls for a second Nakba in Gaza – Middle East Monitor
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I am so sick of this once-great country. Taliban & Hamas flags across the GTA, Liberal MPs tweeting out their support of Hamas, supposed-Canadians marching and cheering while holding images of decapitated Israeli children, Canadian Universities releasing statements that the "Hamas attack was justified and necessary", and Trudeau doing absolutely nothing but counting his money + his "new voters" and counting down the days until he can "white flight" to a luxury mansion in a gated, secure and upscale section of Europe (probably Switzerland).

I'm done here and online for a while, as I'm just sick at what Canada has devolved into.

Barbarism is the closest term I can think of.
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BBC apologises over ‘misleading’ coverage of pro-Palestine protests​

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News has apologised after one of its presenters, Maryam Moshiri, described people taking part in marches in support of Palestine as backing Hamas.

Moshiri said on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Earlier we reported on some of the pro-Palestinian demonstrations at the weekend.

“We spoke about ‘several demonstrations across Britain during which people voiced their backing for Hamas’.

“We accept this was poorly phrased and was a misleading description of the demonstrations.”

Demonstrators around the globe have taken to the streets in support of Palestine and to demand an end to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. Thousands participated in rallies across the UK over the weekend.

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