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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I have always resisted buying or registering WordCanada.ca domains figuring the Word Canada and .ca basically mean the same thing.

When I look at the TBR reports I typically see 100-200 WordCanada.ca or CanadaWord.ca domains drop.

Do any of you guys have any .ca's with the word Canada?

I don't have many but have accumulated a few over the years...


Can you share any that you own or why you do not?
CanadaVotes and .com
YoCanada and .com

I have a few Canadian and word
No, it seems very redundant to me. Kind of like getting a .com domain where the domain ends in 'com'...like spacecom.com (just made that up, no idea if it's a real site)
I understand the redundancy argument, and can agree for some cases, but don't generally agree considering "canada + word" (or the reverse) is common branding, probably thanks to some major canadian brands. Just think CanadaGoose.com, CanadaDry.ca, HockeyCanada.ca, AirCanada.com, CanadianTire.ca, Petro-Canada.ca, etc etc.

The examples above don't all use .ca, but they always own both the .ca and the .com and sometimes it's obvious why they chose one or the other. There are a lot of variables and different circumstances that could apply in the company's decision making process, such as your audience/market, budgets, official brand name, etc.

Anyway, i just think that "Canada + word" has become a common branding method/style for Canadian entrepreneurs, regardless of whether there's a .com or .ca at the end of their website, so it's not surprising we'll see some demand for these canadaword.ca domains. Plus, if your proud enough to include the word "canada" in your name then you might just insist on having the .ca to go with that pride (while still eyeing up the .com).

I also can't help to think of our government website. Would it make more sense, or be better, if it were Canada.com instead of Canada.ca? I don't think so, and while I understand that's a bit different given it's government, it goes back to my point of having pride in using the .ca.
I don't look for 'WordCanada' type domains in general. I might register one if there was a good use case or special situation, but otherwise not really.

I've seen some brands use a WordCanada.ca when they can't get word.ca
I have a few.

I think the only one like that that I have is HistoryOfCanada.ca, one of the first ones I got.
They are definitely very popular to have. I have a few myself. If you look at this weeks TBR there are over 100 domains dropping with “Canada” in them.
MapleDots said:
I would consider something like CanadianHistory.ca - a two word is always better

I agree - the domain had some traffic.

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