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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

Was looking to see who owned when I noticed it went to a Bodis For Sale Lander.

Is it just me or has Bodis done a fantastic job with this??
I think it's one of the nicest cleanest landers around.

Fact is the whole website looks really clean.

silentg said:
looks good

This is what Dan sales page should've been with new update.

For me, it doesn't look much different than the 100's of other variations we've seen from the many players in this space over the years. Domain name, name, email address, phone number, offer, Captcha. There is only so many ways you can do that.
Maybe it’s because I’m on mobile but after refreshing 3 times, I still received the same page which is different than the for sale lander.

Yeah, I get the same as you on mobile, switch to desktop view.

Edit: nope that also does not work.

Looks like you need to be on a desktop to see that.

Just received this email from [notify]BODIS[/notify] who recently signed up here.

I know a lot of us are using and I notice they use Bodis as a partner so it might be worth it to look at the Bodis landers.
Well I certainly wasn't expecting my email to get up here so quickly! However the message posted there also applies to any readers of this forum who are interested in getting in touch. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me via a DM.

Screenshot - 2022-08-09T084420.365.png

Was looking at a nice .ca domain today and the Bodis landing pages just keep getting nicer.

Can anyone tell me how you negotiate using this lander?

Is Bodis a good alternative when GoDaddy finally screws up

If it isn't maybe it should be, seems they have the look and feel down perfectly.
Can anyone tell me how you negotiate using this lander?

You don't. That forms starts an transaction at the quoted price.

If the seller doesn't set a price, then it just sends an email which the seller can then reply to and negotiate.

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