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DomainRecap said:
A few days ago, I was finally going to register from my leftover list, but someone beat me to it.

Oops... ...
So I hand registered 3 domains today and I will explain my reasoning...
With the new technology solar panels coming out they are able to work in overcast conditions and technically by moonlight. So I figure with the coming boom for solar roof panels moonroof might just be a great brand name.
A fashion or clothing line aimed at the 50+ crowd. With our aging demographic I figured that SilverStyle made sense and it has a phenomenal sound to it.
It's no secret that I big 15k for but the more I think about it the more I think the diet has got to have a name. With everyone getting busier and our lifestyle being more on the go I figure its time for a diet meal drink on the go is just about right.

So what have you hand registered and why? - another niche in the candy space.
Latest hand registrations.

Future potential. New technology that may become more mainstream in the years ahead.
legal.png - I registered it a few weeks back

Hehe, for a second I thought someone was selling my domain :ROFLMAO:

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