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Nov 4, 2020
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Hallmark.TV UDRP Decision is Upsetting

“The publicly available WhoIs information identifies of the domain name registrant as “Jarod Hallmark”. Although Respondent’s given family name corresponds with the trademark there is no corroborating evidence that Respondent might be commonly known by the disputed domain name”

Read the full story here:
that's a shitty decision....
.TV is for Tuvalu

I wonder what would have happened had the guy been using his country code, as in if here had been from Tuvalu.

I cannot help but wonder if the decision would have been different.

So apply all of the same scenarios to a .ca bit the guy actually lived in Canada, very unlikely this decision would have been reached.
Surnames are specifically listed in CDRP as a legitimate use - so it would not happen in .CA unless there was blatant infringement going on.
Obviously a rogue panelist trying to drum up some Hallmark billable hours by giving them a domain for free under very sketchy circumstances.

Or something even worse, as these "1 Panelist, No Respondent" scenarios could be almost cliche where suddenly an envelope appears on a desk (or an eTransfer on a phone) and no one knows whose it is.

Late-stage capitalism at work.

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